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What is Cloud Based Accounting Software for Your Business?

Cloud accounting software is a system in which businesses can maintain their accounting data and books - Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, etc. on the cloud that can be accessed anytime with a strong internet connection. With online accounting software, users stay informed about their financial condition, helping them to make informed decisions. All sizes of businesses can use the software to enhance business performance for rapid growth. The key advantage of this system is that it comes with multiple layers of security, safeguarding accounting data from any cyber-attacks.

Benefits Of Using Online
Billing & Accounting Software

Point Of Sale (POS)

Speed up billing by 50% using smart barcode scanning system

  • Speed up billing by 50% using a smart barcode scanning system
  • Integrated with POS system setup including cash drawer, weighing scale, thermal printer
  • Evaluate daily reports
  • Manage customer history in a single click
  • Integrated with card swap machines / EDC machines
  • Integrated with POS system setup including cash drawer, weighing scale
Point Of Sale

Business Analytics Dashboard

  • MargBook’s Business Analytics Dashboard offers users a comprehensive overview of their business activities through visual representations of key metrics and data.
  • It allows users to track live sales, inventory levels, financial data, and other important information.
  • It helps businesses make informed decisions by analyzing trends, identifying opportunities, and monitoring the overall health of the business.
Business Analytics Dashboard

GST Ready

  • Users can create 100% free e-invoices and can upload them on the portal directly from the software
  • GST billing, filing, and compliance in just one click
  • Create GST invoices & upload them to the GSTN portal in Excel, JSON, or CSV Format
  • Directly file GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3B, GSTR 4, GSTR 9 reports
  • Run internal audit inside Marg for error-free reports
GST Ready

Loyalty Point System

  • Track & Manage Loyalty Points earned by Customers
  • Strengthen your relationship with customer
  • Set Loyalty Points as per the Items & Bill Amount
  • Set Point Redeem Rate for different Customers
  • Easily create a Customer-wise Loyalty Report
Loyalty Point System

E-commerce Integration

  • E-commerce Integration connects the software with e-commerce websites or online stores
  • Allows businesses to synchronize their inventory, sales, and customer data between MargBooks and their online selling platforms.
  • With this feature, businesses can simplify operations, manage orders efficiently, and maintain consistency in product information across both online and offline channels.
E-commerce Integration

Inventory Management

  • Systematically manage inventory
  • Users can manage inventory inventory management MRP/ Name/ Serial No./ Rack-wise
  • Also keep a record of expired, available, and shortage items.
  • Avoid losses on expiry wastage and shortage
  • Set re-order level points
  • Male online orders from your ERP to the supplier’s ERP
Inventory Management

E-Invoicing & E-Way Bill

Easy & reliable e-invoicing & GST billing

  • Easy & reliable e-invoicing & GST billing
  • Easily upload B2B, credit/debit notes & export invoices on the e-invoice portal
  • Generate single/bulk e-way bills
  • Directly upload single or multiple e-way bills on the portal
  • Reduces mismatch errors
E-Invoicing & E-Way Bill

Retail Chain Management

Centralized purchase order, Item Master, Account Master, Customer Master in one place

  • Centralised purchase order, Item Master, Account Master, and Customer Master in one place
  • Analyse the whole ecosystem from head office to branch office in one click
  • Make inventory transactions from branch to branch, head office to branch & branch to head office
  • Manage inventory to balance sheet from head office to branch office
  • Increase customer footfall using loyalty management system
  • Automate sales forecasting & order management using re-order setup
Retail Chain Management

Smart Purchase Import

Purchase import through integrated email, with a single click

  • Purchase import through integrated email, with a single click
  • Import purchases from different formats i.e., Excel/CSV, etc.
  • Import the purchase bill by clicking the photo
  • Get rid of manual errors in data
smart purchase import

Re-Order Management

Choose the best supplier through our automated system

  • Choose the best supplier through our automated system
  • Place your orders based on different parameters such as minimum stock, sales basis & shortage.
  • Compare best deals, rates, & schemes to get more profit
  • Send automatic PO to suppliers through email & WhatsApp
Re-Order Management

E-Mail/ WhatsApp/ SMS Notification

Email, Excel, PDFs of sales and purchase bills

  • Email, Excel, PDFs of sales and purchase bills
  • Send notifications to customers about outstanding bills, due bills, etc.
  • Help to get payment on time
  • Less paperwork
  • No need to check/open your email again & again.
E-Mail, WhatsApp and SMS Notification

Data Security

MargBooks keeps your financial information safe, so you can feel confident.

  • MargBooks keeps your financial information safe, so you can feel confident.
  • Data security in MargBooks helps safeguard sensitive financial information, such as transaction records, invoices, and customer data.
  • Robust data security features in Margbooks can help prevent fraud activities within your organization.
Data Security

Bank Reconciliation

Margbooks streamlines bank reconciliation by automatically matching transactions from your bank accounts.

  • Margbooks streamline bank reconciliation by automatically matching transactions from your bank accounts.
  • When you connect your bank account to MargBooks, it can automatically import your bank transactions.
  • To reconcile your bank account, you review and confirm each transaction, marking them as "cleared" or "reconciled".
  • Once your bank reconciliation is complete, your financial records in MargBooks should accurately reflect the transactions in your bank statement.
Bank Reconciliation


MargBooks has flexible pricing plans for businesses of all sizes, making it a cost-effective choice for managing finances.

  • MargBooks has flexible pricing plans for businesses of all sizes, making it a cost-effective choice for managing finances.
  • MargBooks provides a range of pricing plans, allowing businesses to choose the one that best fits their size and specific needs.
  • MargBooks pricing plans are designed to offer value for money, with the best possible features.

Power Your Business with Cloud-Based
Billing and Accounting Software

MargBooks online Billing & Accounting Software is a solution to streamline the billing process that handles a business’s financial accounts. The major motive of this software is to help all sizes of businesses with an easy billing and bookkeeping approach. Further, by using this online billing software, businesses save time, as well as lower costs by eliminating paper and printing use, helping avoid human errors and ensuring accuracy along with efficiency. Its robust features allow business owners to spread their business reach smoothly and enhance sales and revenues

Retail & POS

Designed to manage all your retail operations in a centralized system. From purchasing to inventory management to selling, stay on top of everything & increase your sales by attracting more customers to your retail counters with rapid check-outs, easy return & exchange, multiple billing counters, diverse payment options, etc.

  • FMCG/ Grocery
  • Superstores
  • Smart Home Electronics
  • Jewellery
  • Garments & other retail shops
Retalio Pos

A complete business management solution to increase your revenues. Do effortless stock management, accounting & more with uninterrupted VAT billing, return filing, and e-invoicing. Manage multiple warehouses & godowns. Increase your sales with a personalized customer-centric approach

  • Distributors
  • Stockists
  • Wholesalers
  • Traders
  • SMEs
Service Providers

MargBooks is a solution ideal for accounting professionals, bookkeepers, travel agents and business owners to process accounting transactions and manage finances. It helps you simplify the complex banking & accounting processes for your clients, giving you time to focus on your business growth strategies

  • Chartered Accountants
  • Bookkeepers
  • Finance and other Tax professionals
  • Travel Agents
  • Service Providers
  • Any business that raises VAT invoice
Service Providers
Quick to Access, Easy to Operate
Dashboard Pricing

Margbooks’ software is a user-friendly system that is designed to help businesses. With the help of this software, any business person can easily access inventory, financial reports and expenses from anywhere & anytime, making it easy for businesses to manage their finances.

Easy Online Billing Software

Creating a bill in Margbooks cloud based billing software is a simple process. It can also automatically calculate taxes and apply discounts on bills, making billing easy, precise, and efficient altogether. Additionally, you can customize invoices and send them directly to customers on WhatsApp.​

Easy Inventory Management

Inventory management in Margbooks allows tracking, setting reorder points, managing products, and efficiently preventing stock shortages. Further, the software alerts its users about expired and near-expiry items which lessens the losses on dumping stock. It also allows its users to categorise the stock based on colour, size, brand, etc.

On-The-Go Online Accounting Software

Keeping accounting accurate and error-free is every business need which is easily possible with Margbooks cloud based Accounting Software that offers mobile accounting, enabling users to manage accounts, and financial statements, and enable them to access financial data while on the go.

Working with MargBooks Online
Billing & Accounting Software is simple

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How Our MargBooks Cloud Billing
Software Ease Your Business?

MargBooks online billing is specially designed to address all business issues with its automated and edge-cutting features. This billing software simplifies the billing process. This billing software is an ideal option for businesses to transform and make the whole process faster. MargBooks online billing software is an essential tool that is like a boon for businesses that automates and digitalizes the billing process and improves the customer experience. Usually, customers have to wait for a longer time due to lengthy queues in supermarkets or any retail store while billing is done manually. However, the POS system integration in the software quick-the-counter check-outs. This also allows you to design barcode labels that you can scan with scanners. This incredible feature also lets you create instant invoices in bulk that can be customized with the company logo & identity and languages, keeping your customers connected with you.

Plus, users can send invoices and auto-reminders directly on WhatsApp of their customers with due, outstanding, and payment links to ensure timely payment, saving costs on paper & printing. The software replaces manual billing with automated billing, elevating accuracy and efficiency. As a business owner, you can analyze expenses and all transactions with 24/7 accessibility anywhere on any device.

Experience Accounting & Stock Management on the Go

True Cloud-Based Accounting Solution for Every Business.

Simplifying Business

Your entire books in
your pocket.

Margbook's mobile app revolutionizes accounting for businesses. It offers seamless invoicing and reporting on the go, enhancing efficiency, and productivity and minimizing the usage of papers & printing saving you time and cutting costs. Enhances accuracy by eliminating manual work. The online billing software digitalizes the entire process of billing & accounting.

Margbooks Mobile App

All of your data, in one place.

MargBooks Mobile App Invoice
MargBooks Mobile App Invoice

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs’)

What is the easiest online accounting software?
There are many easy online accounting software, but MargBooks Cloud Based Accounting Software has maintained its position at the top. The software is merely helpful in managing an organization’s financial statements, like balance sheet, P&L, etc., helping businesses to know where their financial position lies.
What is online accounting software?
Online accounting software is a cloud-based software that saves the financial data of a business on the cloud, meaning that businesses can track their data online anytime and anywhere from any device with an internet connection. The software is responsible for recording all incoming and outgoing finances.
How much does an online billing software cost?
The cost of online billing software varies from package to package. Every package for the software in MargBooks costs differently based on users, GSTINs, no. of Invoices. Also, packages are valid for 1, 3, or 5 years. The duration of the subscription will also affect the cost. But for sure, any business person can afford the software, that how affordable the software is. You may explore MargBooks Pricing Plans Here:
Which businesses can use MargBooks software?
The online billing & accounting software of MargBooks is for all sizes of businesses to streamline their billing and accounting process. Businesses that can use the software are - chemist shops, pharma Distributors, clothing stores, supplements shops, departmental stores, retail stores, gift shops, electronic shops, and many more.
Why do you need cloud accounting software?
Cloud Based Accounting Software manages your business’ compliance, financial statements, accounting bookkeeping, expenses, etc. Additionally, the accounting software saves the data on the cloud that you can access to reports of expenses, inventory, and sales anytime & anywhere from any device.
Is cloud accounting safe?
Yes, cloud accounting is safe and secure. The system is built with multiple layers of safety. In manual management of accounting, data can be real-time reported and data visualization Len or misused, but online accounting software eliminates this threat. Saved data is accessible on any device with a strong internet connection.
What are the benefits of cloud-based accounting software?
The benefits of cloud-based accounting software are:
  • Access your financial data anytime, anywhere.
  • Allow multiple users to work on the same data simultaneously.
  • Minimize the need for maintenance costs.
  • Software updates are done automatically.
  • Data is safely stored in the cloud with backup and recovery options.
  • Smoothly scale your accounting software based on your business requirements.
  • Cloud-based accounting software lets you access and maintain your financial data in real time.
What is online billing software?
Online billing is a process used by accounts receivable staff to invoice customers and receive payments digitally. The online billing software lets the customers access their e-bills on the company's website, or the e-bill can be delivered through an email attached to an electronic document, like a PDF or XML file.
Which online billing software is best for small businesses?
Nowadays, MargBooks is the most popular and the best online billing software. Its robust and easy-to-use features help businesses to make their whole process of billing and invoicing easy. The software also creates and sends 100% free e-invoices via WhatsApp, easing GST compliance. Further, it’s designed to help small businesses, struggling with inventory management, overdue payments, etc.
What are the top features of online billing software?
Some of the major features of Online Billing Software have been written below. Have a look into them:
  • Ease the billing process using quick searches, shortcuts, etc.
  • Create bills instantly with more efficiency with the solution integrated with a touch/POS system setup, like a weighing scale, thermal printer, etc.
  • Barcode/MRP-wise billing
  • Accept online payments from your customers
  • Share payment links via SMS or Create QR codes for easy payments.
Is MargBooks Software Free?
MargBooks provides a 7-day Free Demo to potential customers so that they can know how the software will solve the issues they’re facing in running the business and to ensure that any doubts if they’ve. If you also are looking to have this software, you can call us on 7676767648 or explore our website to apply request for a free demo