Why Choose MargBooks as your Preferred Online Accounting Software for your FMCG Business?

  • Billing Features

    • Speed up your Entire Billing process by 50% using Quick Searches, Shortcuts, Barcode Scanning, etc.
    • Generate Bill instantly with increased efficiency with Integrated with Touch/POS System setup including Weighing scale, Thermal Printer, etc.
    • Barcode/MRP-wise billing
    • Accept Online Payments from your Customers via Debit/ Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI, NBFC, etc. using the Dynamic Payment links & QR codes
    • Send payment links via SMS or generate QR codes for easy payments.
    • Generate a dynamic QR code with the Amount to Save from the Loss of a round-off or Less Payment
  • Cashier Management/Cash Drawer

    • Manage cash flow on each transaction with extended security
    • Set user-wise power & regulation to control cash dealings, cash in-out and more
    • Ensure the security of cash by implementing appropriate measures in the system
    • Advanced cash drawer management system for better control over cash flow in each transaction
  • Online Purchase Import

    • Quickly and effortlessly import the Sale Bills generated & received by the supplier via mail in any format (Excel, CSV, etc.) in Purchase Bill with a single click
    • Effortlessly upload purchase bills by simply taking a photo of them
    • Changes in rate and discount will be indicated in a different color
    • Supplier-wise company / item-wise discount
    • The last four rates and other details will be displayed for the selected items
  • Home Delivery Management System

    • Provide timely availability of products to their customers.
    • Deliver the orders received from the respective customers at their doorstep
    • Set Delivery Time Slots, Assign & Track Salesperson & Deliveries and Send Reminders to ensure Timely Delivery
    • Build strong customer relationship & increase sales
  • Loyalty Point System

    • Track & Manage Loyalty Points earned by Customers
    • Build a Strong Customer Relationship
    • Apply/Set Loyalty Points based on Items & Bill Amount
    • Set Point Redeem Rate for different Customers
    • Easily Generate Customer-wise Loyalty Report
  • Discounts & Scheme Management

    • Set Multiple discounts (Item Discount, Bill Discount, etc.) to attract the customers
    • Apply Scheme on the selected item, Bill Value-wise Scheme
    • Provide different schemes/offers & Combo offers for customers to increase your sales i.e. Day-wise Schemes, Time-wise schemes, Party-wise free schemes, Item wise free schemes, etc.
    • Apply a special price & discount on the item/ product for your parties/customers
    • Access reports to analyze the effectiveness of discounts and schemes on business profitability
    • Define your periodic and seasonal discounts, increase demand during slow periods
  • Rack Management

    • Maintain rack wise stock of multiple companies/brands for Easy & Fast Billing
    • Generate Rack Wise Stock Report
    • Search self-expired stock rack wise to control the losses
    • Easily Transfer Stock of particular item, company or category
  • Stock Management/Inventory Management

    • Real-time Stock Tracking/Shortage Management
    • Generate Re-order on multiple basis like Sales of the product/ Profit/ Stock level & Last purchase deals of item at the time of Ordering etc.
    • Track Your Stock Easily/ Real-time Stock updates
    • Set Min/ Max Stock Level /Manage & Track inventory levels
    • Dump Stock Management
  • Physical Stock management

    • Allow to clear the mismatch between the Physical Stock & Reconcile it with the Software Stock
    • Help identify & verify discrepancies between the physical and software stock
    • Reduce the risk of stock outs, overstocking, and stock discrepancies that can lead to loss of sales and revenue
    • Increase the accuracy of inventory records, which can help in better decision-making & planning
  • Email and SMS Notifications

    • E-mail Excel, PDFs of Sales Purchase bills
    • WhatsApp, Excel, PDFs of Sales & Purchase bills
    • Notifications to customers about outstanding bills, due bills, etc.
    • Send Invoices, Outstandings, & various reports to customers directly on WhatsApp through Marg Books
    • Help to Get Payment on time
    • Less Paper Work
    • No need to check/open your email again & again
  • GST Compliant Solution

    • Simplify your GST billing & e-invoicing in a few clicks
    • Create GST Invoices & upload them to GSTN portal in Excel, JSON or CSV Format
    • Directly File GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3B, GSTR 4, GSTR 9 reports from the Marg Books
  • Financial Management

    • Integrated Financial Accounting upto Balance Sheet
    • Day Book, Debtor, and Creditors management
    • Maintain Trial balance, Balance Sheet, and P&L
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • All GST Returns & Tax summary
    • Evaluate your Daily Reports, Customer History, Products Status & more in a click
  • Online Banking & Reconciliation

    • Integrated with ICICI Bank for online banking
    • Provide a secure platform for online banking transactions
    • Manage & Ensure all Bank transactions. all types of bank transactions, including NEFT, RTGS, etc., are recorded in Marg Books
    • Maintain the financial records, i.e. withdrawals, deposits & other transactions that affect the bank
    • Auto-Bank Reconciliation with 140+ Banks
    • Enables to reconcile their bank statements and more, resulting in business growth
  • GST, E-Invoicing & E-Way Bill

    • Generate 100% free E-Invoices
    • Generate E-way Bill after registering on GST Portal
    • Generate Single/ Bulk E-way bill with JSON File and directly upload of single/ multiple e-way bills on the portal
    • Experience easy & Reliable e-invoicing & GST billing with Marg Books

Boost your FMCG Distribution Business with our Ultimate Software for Efficient Billing & Management.

MARGBOOKS FMCG Distribution Software gains a complete control over your distribution operations, streamline financial processes, & simplify daily business tasks with our comprehensive software. From efficient automation to seamless data integration, MARGBOOKS is designed to optimize your FMCG distribution business & enhance your distribution operations.

Marg Books Pricing


First Year ₹8,991/-

(750/- per month Billed Yearly)

2nd Year Onwards - ₹3750/-

Upto 6,000 Invoices per year
2 Companies
1 User

7 Days Free Trial


First Year ₹12,600/-

(1,050/- per month Billed Yearly)

2nd Year Onwards - ₹4500/-

Upto 18,000 Invoices per year
2 Companies
1 User

7 Days Free Trial


First Year ₹25,200/-

(2,100/- per month Billed Yearly)

2nd Year Onwards - ₹9000/

Upto 30,000 Invoices per year
2 Companies
6 Users

7 Days Free Trial

Extra User:- First Year ₹3000 | 2nd Year Onwards - ₹1000 Billed Yearly



Billed Monthly

2nd Year Onwards - ₹499
Billed Monthly

Upto 500 Invoices per month
2 Companies
1 User

7 Days Free Trial



Billed Monthly

2nd Year Onwards - ₹720
Billed Monthly

Upto 1,500 Invoices per month
2 Companies
1 User

7 Days Free Trial



Billed Monthly

2nd Year Onwards - ₹1,440
Billed Monthly

Upto 2,500 Invoices per month
2 Companies
6 Users

7 Days Free Trial

Extra User:- First Year ₹250 | 2nd Year Onwards - ₹150 Billed Monthly

* GST Exclusive

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