Why Choose

MargBooks for Pharma Retail Chain Management?


Cloud-based solution

So, you can access it 24/7, through desktops, laptops, POS machines, Mobile apps, and Tablets including Bluetooth printers.


Branch Management

We have Different modules like Head office, Branch office, and Warehouses.


Consolidated Reports

You can view consolidated reports of single & multiple branches including GST reports.

Customer Management

Customer Management

Manage customer history and loyalty programs, such as discount cards, providing a comprehensive solution for managing your business.

Re-Order Management

Re-Order Management

End-to-end/360-degree reordering solution specially designed for a retail chain pharmacy.

Manage User Rights

Manage User Rights

Restrict user roles & powers, assign modules, transactions & reports as per pre-defined roles and boundations in your organizations.

Manage Masters Centrally

Manage Masters Centrally

Centralized purchase and purchase order, Item Master, Account Master, Customer Master, and Loyalty management, in one place.

Branch Activity Tracker

Branch Activity Tracker

Track all activities log of multiple branch locations.

Feature at Glance

MargBooks Retail Chain Management offers a comprehensive ERP solution for managing retail chains, including features for both headquarters and outlets with secure access.

Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app

Billing features

  • Barcode, Substitute & Salt wise billing.
  • Multi-Mode of Payment Cash / Credit Card / Credit sale / UPI / Net banking/ wallet.
  • No need for payment reconciliation, we have a dynamic QR code Payment Solution .
  • Customer prescription management & daily reminders via SMS/ Whatsapp before the due date.
  • Indicate Narcotics/ Schedule H/H1 to check the prescription.
  • Comprehensive substitute list based on salts.
  • Lock for sale in case of expired and ban items.
  • Home delivery module.
  • Customized invoice & Reports formats.
  • New sales invoice generation from customers’ previous invoices.

Smart Purchase Import & Purchase

  • Quickly and effortlessly import purchase bills with just one click using our software's integrated email system.
  • Easily import purchases from various file formats, including Excel and CSV.
  • Effortlessly upload purchase bills by simply taking a photo of them.
  • Changes in rate and discount will be shown in a different color.
  • Supplier-wise company / item-wise discount.
  • Last four rates and other details will be displayed for the selected items.
Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app
Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app

Expiry Management

  • Easily track expired & near-expiry products in 1 click.
  • Return products to the respective supplier before expiry.
  • Manage item-wise complete history from purchase to sales.
  • Receive 3 months advance notification of expiring medications.
  • Get complete information about a returned product by entering its invoice number.
  • Manage separate stores of new coming, new Stock, and sales return to efficiently handle stock that is expired or damaged. Easily move shelf-expired items to a scrap store with just one click.
  • Analyze category-wise expiry reports such as near-expiry, rack-wise, stock-wise, etc.

Re-Order Management (Automated reordering system )

  • Place your orders based on different parameters such as sales basis, minimum stock, & shortage
  • Generate company-wise orders.
  • Choose the best supplier through our automated system based on the best rates & schemes.
  • Compare best deals, rates, & schemes while re-ordering to get more profit.
  • Send automatic PO to suppliers through email & WhatsApp.
Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app
Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app

Substitute Availability

  • Quickly find a substitute for the required medicine to find out which medicine you will get the maximum margin.
  • Suggest a substitute medicine to customers if the requested one is not available.

Prescription Reminder

  • Receive notifications the day before a customer's prescribed medication is going to finish. (it will improve customer relationships)
  • Send your customer a notification to tell him that his prescription is ready.
  • Easily maintain your customer’s prescription history and reports.
  • Quick invoice generation from customer prescription
Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app
Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app

Doctor & Patient Management

  • Manage your patient's complete information, including their contact, prescription history, and whether they are pensioners or BPL holders.
  • Manage doctor/patient-wise sales reports.
  • Manage patient-wise outstanding.
  • Manage family group-wise billing.

Rack-wise stock management

  • Save your worker time to find out the stock for customers and improves your operational efficiency.
  • Maintain multiple company and category-wise stock.
  • Generate rack-wise multiple reports.
Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app
Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app

Free Drug-Helpline

  • Find medicines within your suitable Geo-Location through our drug helpline.
  • Get specific medication details, including substitute, HSN code, strength, medicine type, MRP, and Company/Agency.Get information on all types of salt, including their potential side effects and how they work.
  • Easily find a supplier that carries the medicine you require including distance, contact, address, and companies he is dealing with.

Digital Payment Collection

  • Receive payment through a dynamic QR Code.
  • Send payment links via SMS or generate QR codes for easy payments.
  • Accept payments via UPI, credit/debit cards, internet banking, or by sending a link.
  • Efficiently do online payment collection and reconciliation.
  • Mode of payment, and collection report.
Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app
Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app

Reports & Analysis

  • Sale and purchase analysis reports.
  • Real-Time stock reports.
  • All accounting Reports such as day book ledger register trail balance.
  • Easily generate a financial report like a Trading account, Balance sheet, P&L, cash flow, fund flow, or BRS (Bank Reconciliation statement)
  • Without any effort, generate a statutory report like Gst returns.

Email and sms notifications

  • E-mail Excel, PDFs of Sales Purchase bills
  • Whatsapp Excel, PDFs of Sales & Purchase bills
  • Notifications to customers about outstanding bills, due bills, etc
  • Help to Get Payment on time
  • Less Paper Work
  • No need to check/open your email again & again.
Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app
Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app

Security & Operations

  • Several security measures like encryption, network security, security audits, and access limits.
  • Dedicated security team for reporting security issues and vulnerabilities.
  • Protection against phishing attacks, including DDOS implementation and user awareness training.
  • Encryption, access limits, and GDPR/CCPA compliance protect user data at MargBooks
  • MargBooks include strong authentication, data encryption, software and security patch updates, and staff security awareness training.

Financial Management

  • Integrated financial accounting upto balance sheet
  • Daybook, Debtor, and creditors management
  • Merge Trial balance, Balance sheet, and P&L.
  • Easy Bank reconciliation.
  • All GST returns & Tax summary
Drive more sales with an omnichannel retail app

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