What is A Web Based Billing and Invoicing Software

Invoicing has always been the major pain point for businesses, regardless of size. To most individuals, it may sound like an easy matter at first, but invoicing is beyond getting paid, it’s more about getting paid timely. According to a statistic, around 79% of accounts payable departments to lately paying invoices. Additionally, manually entering data, as well as reminding customers of non-paid invoices is no longer a modern solution. Hence, most businesses are seeking billing software solutions to trust the pain, automate financial management and invoices, and secure data.

Integration of lots of advanced functions in many financial management and invoicing software, now the software can accept payments via e-commerce platforms. 

Key Features of Invoicing and Billing Software-

Electronic Billing and invoicing software have come up with updated versions and extra-advanced features. Some of the key features have been explained. Find them below to explore them:

  • Generating Invoices

An online billing automation system allows you to create invoices in different formats. However, this basic feature will generate customized and digital Invoices for your finance team.

  • Delivering Automate Invoices

Modern payment gateway software automatically delivers invoices to vendors or customers through SMS or email. Etc,. If you use MargBooks billing software, you can automate sending bills on WhatsApp too. Moreover, the software automatically delivers gentle payment reminders on WhatsApp to clients before the due date, increasing cash flow and reducing costs on multiple customer visits.

  • Processing Online Payments

If you want to get quick payment, let your customers pay quickly. Consider a web based software that can process online payments so that your customers can easily pay directly to your account and also your office boy or customers don’t have to wander to hand over payment in cash. The online billing solution creates payment links and QR codes for easy Online Payments.

  • Tax Reporting

A good online Expense Management software is that eliminates the requirement of using external sources for tax reporting and ensures that you can perform within the same software without losing extra time on summarising information. Such Electronic Billing software will help you prevent data errors, fulfil all tax obligations, and even save you effort and money. 

  • Inventory Management

Online billing and Invoice Software eases the process of stock management and expense management and allows you accessibility to track stock details from anywhere and anytime on any device, minimising the risk of stock theft. Moreover, the Electronic Billing software informs you about shortages, as well as expired stock. Plus, you may manage and track fast-moving stock which lets you know about customers’ tastes and interests.

  • E-commerce integration

The best electronic billing solutions like MargBooks allow users to easily connect their online store and enable automatic syncing of orders, levels of inventory, customer data, and other required information between the e-commerce platform and MargBooks.

  • Autopilots your business

Retailers incorporate adding a barcode on all their items and scan it during billing and the Cloud Accounting software will capture the actual amount, avoiding any filter option. Along with this, your counter employees will no longer be able to offer extra discounts or hide the received amount or cash.

  • Reporting

You get access to add tools for data analytics, dashboards and reports to the custom online Invoice Software. Even, you can generate personalized reports and export them in different formats.

  • Activity History

A smart cloud accounting tool logs each entry so that you can locate every single change in detail. Besides, this feature also aids you in monitoring the entry time and ensuring that the data is appropriate or not. 

  • Multilingual and Multicurrency Options

If you are running a business globally, this feature is specifically will be helpful to you. It will enable you to create digital invoices in various languages, accept online payments through different payment gateway and in different currencies, handle revenues and taxes, and more.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

Ensure the Expense Management solution you opt for supports several devices and operating systems. Generating a cross-platform application allows your team to employ the system from multiple devices, incorporating mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and more.

What are the advantages of billing and invoicing software?

advantages of billing and invoicing software

Web-based Billing software benefits all sizes of businesses in many ways that help streamline many elements associated with businesses. Let’s discuss some key perks:

  • Minimize missed and late payment

By streamlining your invoicing and billing requirements with the right web-based billing software, you will notice that the process isn’t as complex as it seems. Apart from this, keeping all the information organized empowers you not to miss or delay payments, thus continue being profitable in the process.

  • Provide details of bills and invoices

A cloud invoicing software solution provides a centralized dashboard that displays the real-time status of your invoices, bills, and estimated revenues. Some Invoice Software tools also track when your customers open the invoices, which you can see in real time on the dashboard.

  • Eliminate paperwork

When you handle billing and payments manually, it means dealing with heaps of paperwork. Transitioning to online billing, payments, and invoicing means saying goodbye to printing since all documents are digitally indexed, archived, and stored. This shift not only reduces paperwork but also saves you from the hassle of manual tasks.

What are the latest Trends in Billing and Invoicing Software?

One of the mere reasons for the sudden market boom of invoice and expense management systems is maximizing government support, digitalization of while market and business, and the demand for online and real-time payment due to the pandemic (Covid-19). Companies can collect payment without waiting for days to complete of transaction. 

With time, large changes have come in the trends of invoice tracking software that are constantly streamlining the whole billing process. Understanding the trend will aid you inappropriately predicting future market requirements. Let’s have a look at the crucial ones:

1. Blockchain

The prominence of blockchain technologies is continuously growing, and its capability is highly beneficial to improving data security with no need for third-party data storage facilities by providing encrypted data across uncountable servers.

In billing and invoice software, blockchain ensures transparency in transactions, minimizes fraud risks and data branches, and strengthens organizations to find any interruptions and changes in real-time.

2. Automation

Automation is one of the mere enablers of online billing automation systems, and the technology is expanding at an extensive pace. Payments on optional days, automated data entry, payment notifications and reminders, and regular invoicing are a few essential instances of automation in billing apps and enable your focus on other vital activities instead of routine ones.

3. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing for companies is pivotal in generating invoice software applications as cloud storage erases the necessity for onsite servers and allows you to access the data on any device from any corner of the world. With remote access and real-time updates, cloud technologies have given access to the organization to respond to complicated problems more quickly and reap the powers of various platform workflows.

4. AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning take automation to the highest level with forecasting tools and pattern identification. In cloud accounting software, these edge-cutting technologies empower companies to locate financial transactions, recognize potential fraud incidents, and deduct human errors and interventions.

5. Mobile Invoicing

Almost every business operation is becoming mobile-centric, and invoicing is no exception. Whenever a client gets digital invoices from you, they can see them on their mobile phones and make the payment promptly. This concludes in much quicker payments and an excellent customer experience.

Try Web Based Software for Invoicing Solution!

In all sizes of businesses, invoicing is one of the most complicated and prone to error factors that can be simplified with Web Based Software. The solution is also responsible for eliminating human errors, accurate client data, automating invoicing and payment reminders, etc. The system is developed to navigate the success journey with so much ease. 
Hereto, installing invoice tracking software from trustworthy and reliable developers, such as MargBooks, is vital to ensure the advanced technologies. They’ve been in this industry for 31 years and have achieved more than 1 crore customers’ trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the online billing software?

The online billing management system is like having a helpful assistant in the cloud for small businesses. It takes care of sending out digital invoices and reminders to customers, saving you from the hassle of printing and paperwork. Your customers get a friendly reminder every morning, making everything run more smoothly. Plus, this billing automation software lets you keep track of all your financial data and reports anytime, anywhere, from any device.

What are the benefits of online billing and invoicing software?

The online billing and accounting system is like your digital assistant in the cloud, making life easier for small businesses. It sends out invoice and payment reminders to your customers, saving you the hassle of printing and mailing. Your customers get reminders every morning, making everything run more smoothly. Plus, with client billing software, you can access all your data and reports from any device, wherever you are.

How online billing and invoicing software can help businesses?

Using online invoice tracking software for small businesses is a contemporary method that replaces handwritten invoices and payment reminders with digital versions. This upgrade boosts accuracy and efficiency while decreasing the chance of human mistakes that often happen with manual tasks. As a result, businesses can maintain current and accurate accounting records.

Which is the best online billing software?

The top recommendation is MargBooks’ online billing and invoicing tool as this software has been on top priority for businesses for years. Besides, the online client billing software for small-scale businesses has features, including auto-reminders, accessibility, etc. which result in saving both your time and costs. So, anytime you need online invoicing software, pick MargBooks.

Is online invoicing and billing software safe to use?

Absolutely! These online Invoice Tracking software prioritize your security by employing encryption and other safety measures to safeguard your data, even in unforeseen circumstances like lost mobile phones or emergencies such as fires or other disasters. Rest assured, businesses can rely on tight security measures when utilizing this genuine cloud invoicing software.


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