Cloud Accounting Software: 9 Reasons Your Business Needs it

For most small and medium-scale business persons, maintaining finances is the most complicated aspect of their business. Further self-accounting is a lengthy process and tends to human errors that may affect the accuracy and efficiency of data. However, today’s advanced technology has changed this scenario. Excel sheets are peacefully being replaced by accounting software that automates and digitalises the whole process, making reports error-free and foolproof.

The sooner you adopt this technology, the better it is for your business growth and stability. Accounting software is an essential need for all businesses irrespective of the scale. Additionally, moving to cloud based accounting software enables you to monitor your financial data at any time from anywhere. In this article, we will extend the discussion over how this software is worthwhile for your business, but first, let’s understand what cloud accounting software is.

What is cloud accounting software?

Cloud-based accounting software is just like any other accounting software. However, other accounting data don’t store data on your premises, but cloud accounting software does which makes it safe, remote, and external servers of the cloud service provider. Cloud accounting software provides its users with secure live accessibility to data to multiple users anytime and anywhere. Besides this, the software comes with much more.

Now onward, let’s explore the reasons why you should integrate accounting software into your business setting.

1. Data security

First and foremost, it provides impeccable data security. Data security is a primary concern for any business and many small enterprises are concerned about the cloud servicer providers storing their data for their business. On the other hand, the cloud is one of the most secure techniques to store your data. With this, your is out of risk of theft and loss, even in the event of theft, disaster, or system malfunctions. You will not love access to your data at any point until you have login details and internet access.

2. 24/7 Data Accessibility

The best online accounting software offers you 24/7 accessibility to all your financial data on any device, from mobile to laptop. You do not need to be at the workplace, you can monitor updated data even if you are travelling or enjoying holidays at the beach. It also saves you from dependency on someone to share with you by mail. You are on it any time, making your life comfortable and simpler. There is no downtime to make the business more productive at any time.

3. Multiple User Access & Live Collaboration

Online accounting software delivers simultaneous accessibility to your data to multiple users, and you can set the access level users-wise. Users can access real-time updated details, discarding dependency on mail to have the upgraded data. Plus, they can collaborate and work on real-time data, making the process quick and efficient. 

4. Saves you time with Automation

The online accounting software for small business automates the process of keeping a record, thus simplifying and organizing all your business expenses without entering purchase details manually as all your accounts of business get connected. What more your business needs when the software assists you in generating automatic workflows such as sending your customers invoices on WhatsApp, auto payment reminders with outstanding and payment links, and more? This way, you can save a lot of time which can be utilized in productive and strategic work. 

5. Maintaining strong customer relationships

Business is about producing and selling products, but maintaining strengthened bonds with customers is crucial to achieving big success. Moreover, running a business is far more convenient and less expensive than getting new clients. Knitting trust, sharing open communication, and transparency in the processes are essential to creating strong bonds with customers. The best online accounting software, like MargBooks provides its users with this. It’s much faster, manual-free, and accurate. Using this software, you will not face any missing receipts, overdue invoices, or communication mistakes because all the processes are automated and data is updated and easily accessible. Users also can provide customers with loyalty points for discounts on their next shopping, a great idea for retail customers too.

6. Improves Accuracy

With cloud-based accounting software, you can sort out many of your accounting problems if you are a small-scale business owner. The manual process is likely to be error-prone and susceptible to adherence risks. An ideal cloud based accounting software has in-built systems that automate the recognition of duplicate entries and prevent errors. Users even do not have to go through multiple accounting practices from any other areas globally. A cloud-based system helps to automate this for you and keep the numbers updated and precise.

True cloud-based software is generally easy to use, enables you to fill in expenses and income details as defined in the workflow, and allows you to categorize your financial transitions. When all data is stored in the same place, and you continuously update the details required in the system, avoiding the risk of bookkeeping errors. Whenever you see the financial report on the system, surely the information will be correct and up-to-date.

7. No Installation Required

The old Traditional accounting software is installed on all the computers in your accounting setting, which can be a lengthy and tedious process.  Cloud-based accounting software needs no installation. As it is hosted digitally, you can have access to software services by filling in the details on the web browser and logging directly into the account once you have made any purchase.

8. Better Compliance

One of the key advantages is that cloud bookkeeping software provides compliance. As already mentioned above, it keeps the records and books mistakes-free, it has systems to ascertain no double entry can be done, and the receivables and expenses are always upgraded. In the online accounting software for small business, the system is auto-tax compliant, hence, invoices, all reports, and data are clear and precise even when the user is processing the software from the other country. These steps make sure that your taxation is all time updated, and that there are no tax-compliant penalties or audit issues. Saving you from the stress of the taxation period.

9. Cost

Investing in cloud-based accounting software ascertains a crucial upfront saving in capital investment. As there is barely any infrastructure needed on your premises, you save a lot of money. It also lets you send invoices and auto-payments with payment links on WhatsApp, saving you both time and money.

You also can save workforce costs without a pervasive infrastructure on location as you will not require a large IT staff for maintenance and adequate savings on energy and space.


Cloud based accounting software is specially designed to manage the financial tasks of small and medium-sized businesses. The software helps businesses save time and costs with savvy features that automate and digitalize all business operations. With cloud-based software, you can access your financial books and statements anytime and anywhere, keeping your statements live status of your financial data. The automation function in the software prevents errors in reports and makes reports accurate.
If you want a hassle-free business setup, you can adopt a reliable one like MargBook which is one of the most trustworthy and affordable cloud accounting software. Its speciality is 24/7 access to data, high security, and automation in operations. You also can expect easy GST returns, easy billing, and systematic inventory management with MargBooks. If you’re interested in giving a chance to this profound software, you can call them for a 7-day Free Demo today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud accounting software?

Cloud accounting software is an online tool that allows businesses to manage their financial data over the internet. Unlike traditional accounting software that requires installation on a specific computer, cloud accounting software can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This software updates financial data in real-time, providing accurate and current financial information. It also offers features such as automatic backups, enhanced security, and integration with other business tools, making it a flexible and efficient solution for managing business finances.

How does cloud accounting software improve business efficiency?

Cloud accounting software improves business efficiency by automating routine tasks like invoicing, expense tracking, and bank reconciliations. This reduces the time spent on manual data entry and minimizes errors. It also allows multiple users to access and collaborate on financial data simultaneously, enhancing teamwork. Real-time financial updates ensure that all users have the most current information, facilitating better decision-making. Integration with other business tools further streamlines processes, creating a unified and efficient financial management system.

Is cloud accounting software secure?

Yes, cloud accounting software is secure. Reputable providers use advanced encryption methods to protect your data from unauthorized access and cyber threats. They also implement robust security measures, including multi-factor authentication and regular security updates. Additionally, cloud accounting software offers automatic backups, ensuring your data is safe even if there is a hardware failure or other disaster. This level of security often exceeds what individual businesses can achieve with on-premises solutions, providing peace of mind that your financial data is well-protected.

Can cloud accounting software be used by small businesses?

Absolutely, cloud accounting software is ideal for small businesses. It is cost-effective, often operating on a subscription model that avoids large upfront costs. Small businesses can choose a plan that fits their budget and scale it as they grow. The software simplifies financial management by automating tasks and providing real-time data, making it easier for small business owners to keep track of their finances. It also offers enhanced security and accessibility, allowing small business owners to manage their accounts from anywhere, at any time.

How does cloud accounting software handle data backups?

Cloud accounting software handles data backups automatically, ensuring that your financial data is regularly saved without any manual intervention. These backups are stored securely in multiple locations to protect against data loss due to hardware failures, cyber-attacks, or natural disasters. This means that even if your computer crashes or there is a problem at one data center, your information remains safe and accessible. Automatic backups provide peace of mind, knowing that your financial records are continuously protected and can be quickly restored if needed.

Why should a company use cloud accounting?

Cloud based accounting software keeps all small business openers connected to their accountants and their data. The software can integrate with the entire ecosystem of third-party business applications. It’s cost-effective, scalable, and user-friendly. In the cloud, there is no requirement to install and use applications on a desktop.

Will Cloud accounting help with tax issues?

Yes, to provide the base data with which potential tax liabilities are calculated. With the software, you can easily bill and file return including GSTR1, GSTR2, GST3B, etc. A few cloud accounting software offer you internal GST audits, making reports error-free.

How does online accounting software save time and money?

Using online accounting software can save you a lot of time as it discards the need for manual data entry. By using the software, your business operations become digitalized and automatic, saving you time entering data and fetching files manually. The software allows users to send invoices and payment reminders on WhatsApp, saving you costs on paper.

Can cloud accounting software replace my accountant?

While cloud accounting automates some data entry and number-crunching tasks, it won’t replace your accountant. Instead, it enhances your relationship. The online accounting software for small business handles repetitive tasks like expense tracking and invoicing, allowing your accountant to focus on analyzing data and offering valuable advice.

Is the cloud secure?

Given the importance of the data involved in cloud accounting, security is a major priority in this field. Unlike traditional desktop accounting software, which can be at risk if a company computer is stolen, lost, or damaged, cloud accounting software offers many security benefits. Each cloud accounting service has a security policy detailing how it safeguards sensitive data. Most use advanced techniques to keep your information safe.

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