Why MargBooks is the Perfect Online Accounting Software Choice for Your Business?

  • Billing Features

    • Speed up your Entire Billing process by 50% using Quick Searches, Shortcuts, Barcode Scanning, etc.
    • Generate Bill instantly with increased efficiency with Integrated with Touch/POS System setup including Weighing scale, Thermal Printer, etc.
    • Barcode/MRP-wise billing
    • Accept Online Payments from your Customers via Debit/ Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI, NBFC, etc. using the Dynamic Payment links & QR codes
    • Send payment links via SMS or generate QR codes for easy payments.
    • Generate a dynamic QR code with the Amount to Save from the Loss of a round-off or Less Payment
  • Cash Drawer

    • Manage cash flow on each transaction with extended security
    • Set user-wise power & regulation to control cash dealings, cash in-out and more
    • Ensure the security of cash by implementing appropriate measures in the system
    • Advanced cash drawer management system for better control over cash flow in each transaction
  • Online Purchase Import

    • Quickly and effortlessly import the Sale Bills generated & received by the supplier via mail in any format (Excel, CSV, etc.) in Purchase Bill with a single click
    • Effortlessly upload purchase bills by simply taking a photo of them
    • Changes in rate and discount will be indicated in a different color
    • Supplier-wise company / item-wise discount
    • The last four rates and other details will be displayed for the selected items
  • Home Delivery Management System

    • Provide timely availability of products to their customers.
    • Deliver the orders received from the respective customers at their doorstep
    • Set Delivery Time Slots, Assign & Track Salesperson & Deliveries and Send Reminders to ensure Timely Delivery
    • Build strong customer relationship & increase sales
  • Inventory Management

    • Real-time Stock Tracking/Shortage Management
    • Generate Re-order on multiple basis like Sales of the product/ Profit/ Stock level & Last purchase deals of item at the time of Ordering etc.
    • Generate Reorder based on Company-wise or Supplier wise as required
    • Share Re-order to respective customers/parties through mail and WhatsApp
    • Track Your Stock Easily/ Real-time Stock updates
    • Set Min/ Max Stock Level /Manage & Track inventory levels
    • Dump Stock Management
  • Loyalty Point System

    • Track & Manage Loyalty Points earned by Customers
    • Build a Strong Customer Relationship
    • Apply/Set Loyalty Points based on Items & Bill Amount
    • Set Point Redeem Rate for different Customers
    • Easily Generate Customer-wise Loyalty Report
  • Discounts & Scheme Management

    • Set Multiple discounts (Item Discount, Bill Discount, etc.) to attract the customers
    • Apply Scheme on the selected item, Bill Value-wise Scheme
    • Provide different schemes/offers & Combo offers for customers to increase your sales i.e. Day-wise Schemes, Time-wise schemes, Party-wise free schemes, Item wise free schemes, etc.
    • Apply a special price & discount on the item/ product for your parties/customers
    • Access reports to analyze the effectiveness of discounts and schemes on business profitability
    • Define your periodic & seasonal discounts, increase demand during slow periods
  • Email and SMS Notifications

    • E-mail Excel, PDFs of Sales Purchase bills
    • WhatsApp, Excel, PDFs of Sales & Purchase bills
    • Notifications to customers about outstanding bills, due bills, etc.
    • Send Invoices, Outstandings, & various reports to customers directly on WhatsApp through MargBooks
    • Help to Get Payment on time
    • Less Paper Work
    • No need to check/open your email again & again
  • GST Compliant Solution

    • Simplify your GST billing & e-invoicing in a few clicks
    • Create GST Invoices & upload them to GSTN portal in Excel, JSON or CSV Format
    • Directly File GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3B, GSTR 4, GSTR 9 reports from the MargBooks
  • Financial Management

    • Integrated Financial Accounting uptoBalance Sheet
    • Day Book, Debtor, and Creditors management
    • Maintain Trial balance, Balance Sheet, and P&L
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • All GST Returns & Tax summary
    • Evaluate your Daily Reports, Customer History, Products Status & more in a click
  • E-Invoicing/ E-Way Bills

    • Generate E-way Bill after registering on GST Portal
    • Generate Single/ Bulk E-way bill with JSON File and directly upload of single/ multiple e-way bills on the portal
    • Experience easy & Reliable e-invoicing & GST billing with MargBooks
  • Online Banking & Reconciliation

    • Integrated with ICICI Bank for online banking
    • Provide a secure platform for online banking transactions
    • Manage & Ensure all Bank transactions. all types of bank transactions, including NEFT, RTGS, etc., are recorded in MargBooks
    •  Maintain the financial records, i.e. withdrawals, deposits & other transactions that affect the bank
    • Auto-Bank Reconciliation with 140+ Banks
    • Enables to Reconcile their Bank Statements and more, resulting in business growth

Empower Your FMCG Retail Business with MargBooks POS Billing Software

MargBooks POS Billing Software is a powerful tool designed to revolutionize FMCG retail chains and drive their efficiency and profitability. Specifically tailored for the FMCG industry, this software simplifies inventory management and financial operations, minimizing losses from expired or unsold stock.

With its comprehensive set of tools and user-friendly interface, this software is ideal for retail stores and other businesses that require efficient point-of-sale operations.

The software offers a range of powerful features that enable businesses to handle their billing needs with ease. From generating invoices and managing transactions to processing payments and tracking sales, MargBooks POS Billing Software covers all aspects of the billing process. It allows businesses to create customized invoices, apply discounts and promotions, and accept various payment methods, including cash, credit cards, and mobile payments.

MargBooks POS Billing Software empowers businesses to enhance efficiency, improve customer service, and optimize their billing operations. So, Take Your Business to Greater Heights with MargBooks POS Billing Software toempower a Seamless and Effortless Operations.

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Marg Books Pricing


First Year ₹8,991/-

(750/- per month Billed Yearly)

2nd Year Onwards - ₹3750/-

Upto 6,000 Invoices per year
2 Companies
1 User

7 Days Free Trial


First Year ₹12,600/-

(1,050/- per month Billed Yearly)

2nd Year Onwards - ₹4500/-

Upto 18,000 Invoices per year
2 Companies
1 User

7 Days Free Trial


First Year ₹25,200/-

(2,100/- per month Billed Yearly)

2nd Year Onwards - ₹9000/

Upto 30,000 Invoices per year
2 Companies
6 Users

7 Days Free Trial

Extra User:- First Year ₹3000 | 2nd Year Onwards - ₹1000 Billed Yearly



Billed Monthly

2nd Year Onwards - ₹499
Billed Monthly

Upto 500 Invoices per month
2 Companies
1 User

7 Days Free Trial



Billed Monthly

2nd Year Onwards - ₹720
Billed Monthly

Upto 1,500 Invoices per month
2 Companies
1 User

7 Days Free Trial



Billed Monthly

2nd Year Onwards - ₹1,440
Billed Monthly

Upto 2,500 Invoices per month
2 Companies
6 Users

7 Days Free Trial

Extra User:- First Year ₹250 | 2nd Year Onwards - ₹150 Billed Monthly

* GST Exclusive

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