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Cloud-Based Chain Management ERP Solution for Retail & Distribution Chain Businesses

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MargBooks For Enterprise Solutions

MargBooks Enterprise is an ultimate cloud-based chain management ERP solution to efficiently manage all requirements of a retail chain & distribution chain business. With the solution you can efficiently and effectively manage all the unique requirements of your chain business. From inventory management to billing you can do all this with MargBooks Enterprise.

MargBooks Enterprise Solutions
MargBooks Enterprise Solutions

This makes the solution perfect for all type of multi-store owners and distribution chain business owners. The solution gives retail chain & distribution chain business owners complete control over their retail outlets/distribution units. Additionally, it gives access to crucial insights that allow them to grow their businesses easily.

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We have been serving retail-chain & distribution chain business owners for a long time. Thus, we clearly understand the challenges and troubles that they face. Especially, retail business owners & distribution chain owners who have their stores/distribution units in different locations. Suppose you are completely unaware of the fact that the highest-selling item in one of your outlets is almost out of stock. What will happen? You will lose potential sales and business.

MargBooks Enterprise - Trust Radius Similarly suppose you manage the operations of your distribution units manually which takes a lot of time. What will happen? It will reduce your productivity. Furthermore, you will not be able to focus on developing strategies to grow your business. But if you use MargBooks Enterprise you can easily avoid all the above-discussed problems and get ahead of your competitors.

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Streamline Your Retail Chain & Distribution Chain Business With These Key Features

A completely equipped software to ensure the study growth of your retail chain & distribution chain business. MargBooks Enterprise will make you ready to tackle any changes in the business environment and help you run your business smoothly. This is why it is considered one of the finest software solution for managing retail chain & distribution chain businesses.

  • Real-time Stock
    Tracking & Management
  • Re-order Management
  • Branch
    Management/ Distribution Unit Management
  • Accounts and Financials
  • Data Synchronization
  • Robust Reporting Capabilities

Choosing the Right Chain Management Software Can Be Very Challenging

There are hundreds of chain management ERP software in the market to choose from. But how do you know which software is right for you?

The answer is very simple!

Look at its credibility. Ask for a demo of the software and understand the product. Next, analyze does it meets your immediate or future needs by creating a list of your needs. If the software meets your requirements, then it is ideal for you. After that check its industry standing and pricing to features ratio. If your chosen software doesn’t offer all the required features then it's not ideal for you. However, if it provides all the essential features but is expensive then don’t reject it because of its price. Otherwise, you will end up with a chain management ERP solution that is not perfect for you.

However, if you want to avoid all the hassle then you can get MargBooks Enterprise. The ultimate cloud-based ERP solution to efficiently manage all requirements of a retail chain & distribution chain business.

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