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Q. What are the System Configuration for Operating MargBooks?
A. In order to operate MargBooks, make sure you have a good internet connectivity and a browser in your Mobile/ Tab/ Laptop/ Desktop.
Q. What is the price of MargBooks?
A. For Pricing details please Click here
Q. Is there any help available for MargBooks?
A. Yes, visit us at You can also access our Marg YouTube channel & weekly live sessions for latest updates and features.
Q. Is MargBooks ready for GST Compliances?
A. Yes, MargBooks have GST Compliance options through which you can easily file your GST Returns on a single click through our software and can also view all the financial statements i.e., P&L, Balance Sheet, etc.
Q. Can I use MargBooks on a Mobile Phone or Tablet?
A. Yes, you can use MargBooks on Mobile and on the tablet.
Q. Does MargBooks supports configuration as per business type?
A. Yes, MargBooks contains configurations according to your business types.
Q. Can I customize my invoice?
A. Yes, with the help of MargBooks you can easily customize your invoices.
Q. Does MargBooks support multi users?
A. Yes, it supports. As per plan multi users can be added with different rights
Q. How do I Sign up MargBooks?
A. MargBooks is an Online Accounting Software designed to ease out the complex day to day operations of small & medium businesses. In order to Sign up MargBooks please Click here
Q. How do I Subscribe MargBooks?
A. Subcription of MargBooks allows you to enjoy all the benefits & you can also select the subscription plan on monthly & yearly basis. Read More
Q. Can I change my subscription later?
A. Yes, you can change your subscription any time.
Q. Which modes are available for payment?
A. We accept payments in different modes like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Net Banking, UPI, Credit Card, Debit Card, Wallet and NBFC.
Q. Do you store my card’s information?
A. No, we never store customer’s card information. Take a look at our Term & Conditions to learn more.
Q. How can I get Support?
A. You can get support through our various platforms, for details Click here
Q. How can I Import My items from Excel to MargBooks?
A. MargBooks has provided a very beneficial provision in the software through which the user can easily import the data of multiple items through excel at a single point of time. Read More
Q. How to create Company in MargBooks?
A. The main purpose to create a company is to start working in software and to maintain the basic or relevant details of the company during creation i.e. company name, address, GSTIN, business type etc. Read More
Q. How to create Purchase Entry in MargBooks?
A. In MargBooks, Purchase Bill is basically treated as receipt which is received to the customers along with the specified amount against the goods purchased. Read More
Q. How to create Sale Entry in MargBooks?
A. The user can enter the sales created along with its details in the business under the Bill field and it basically acts as a proof for which the user receives the payment. Read More
Q. How to make Payment Entry in MargBooks?
A. A Payment Voucher entry is prepared when a firm pays money in cash or by cheque or any other mode to a customer, supplier or to any other source. Read More
Q. How to make Receipt Entry in MargBooks?
A. A Receipt voucher is a type of voucher which is typically issued by a certain business or an organization upon receiving payment in cash or check during a business transaction. Read More
Q. Is my data Safe & Secure in MargBooks?
A. Yes, your data is completely safe with MargBooks as it is protected by world class server, end to end encryption is also there.
Q. How to Reset User Id and Password in MargBooks?
A. In case you forget the password, then you can reset the password as per the requirement with the help of 'Forgot Password' option. Read More
Q. How do i activate Multi user in MargBooks?
A. With the help of MargBooks, users/operators can be easily created and infact with the different roles & powers (as per the owner's choice). Read More
• MargBooks Reports
In MargBooks, you can view the Multiple types of reports i.e. Inevntory Reports, Accounting Reports and statutory Reports. Read More
• Design your Invoice in MargBooks
Invoice Design option in MargBooks enable you to easily create & design customized invoices with drag and drop facility as per the requirement. Read More
• SMS Setup in MargBooks
With the help of SMS Setup in MargBooks, you can send your bill details to party regarding new entry, modify, and print,feeding item details with item name, party balance with bill detail etc. Read More
• Email Setup in MargBooks
In MargBooks, E-mail Setup is a facility for the user to send the softcopy and PDF of sale bill/ purchase bill. Read More
• Send your invoices and Reports via WhatsApp to customers
MargBooks has provided a very beneficial provision of Sending Invoices directly on their WhatsApp through the Software. Read More
• Purchase Import through Excel in MargBooks
With the help of MargBooks, purchase bill can be imported from the excel which save lots of time of user to create manual entries for every bill. Read More
• Bank Reconciliation in MargBooks
Bank Reconciliation Statement is a statement prepared to reconcile and explain the causes of difference between the bank balance as per cash book and the same as per pass book as on a particular date. Read More

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